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The 60’s Café
Get ready to dine, unwind, and let your spirit soar at the 60's Cafe & Stay.
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Taste Fusion: Savor the Flavors
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The 60’s Café (The Beatles)

Welcome to the grooviest and most delicious café in town The 60’s Café (The Beatles), where we bring the swinging 60’s to life with our Classic European style al fresco diner. Our love for the Fab Four and all others during that era is evident in our decor, our music, and even our menu.
We serve you with the choicest of exquisite Indian Cuisine, a collection of Chinese and Thai Cuisine and a variety of Italian fare. The garden is awesome as are the burgers and smoothies. The very interesting menu delights you with endless and a wide range of vegan, gluten free and raw food dishes in cuisines from all over the world. Some menu specialties are akin to a fine dining restaurant but at a value for money prices.

This swinging 60’s themed cafe has an open-air garden, low seating lounge, a patisserie, raw juice bar and indoor air-conditioned dining for all the meals. Our café and its cuisine are mindfully put together to complement each guest’s retreat and encourages guests to see dining very differently- an experience that delights, nourishes and heals.
So, whether you’re a die-hard Beatles/ 60’s fan, The 60s Café (The Beatles) in Rishikesh is the place to be.

Come join us for a unique and delicious dining experience.

The 60’s Café (Bollywood Retro)

Welcome to “The 60’s Café (Bollywood Retro), where we bring the swinging 60’s to life with our quick service diner and takeout. Our love for the music and bollywood is evident in our decor, our music, and even our menu.
The menu here is pretty simple and fast. We serve you our classic 60’s style burgers, pizzas, sandwiches, pao bhajis with some Chinese and Indian fare.
The Kishore Kumar Pizza, The Big B Burger and The Kegriwal style sandwich are some of the must trys here.
Come join us for a delicious dining/ takeout experience.

The 60’s Café (Out House on the River)

@White Stone Cottages
The Great Himalayan National Park
Tirthan Valley, Himachal Pradesh
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    Planning To Visit ?

    Planning a visit to The 60’s? Get ready for a delightful hospitality and culinary journey. Step in to a vintage inspired ambiance with 60’s theme and indulge in our lip smacking delicacies and budget stays in Rishikesh and Tirthan Valley.

    Opening Time

    All Days

    12:00 Noon – 10:00PM

    Hotel Check In



    12:00 Noon

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