About us

Since established in 2012, we have served more than thousand of customers.

A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is a reality… John Lennon

Unlike all other infamous stories, ours also stared in a rented house and over some bottles of whiskey. Our concept and story with The 60’s Cafe started in December 2011. We were committed to start a new life and we created/ established our first dine out restaurant “The 60’s Café” next to Mother Ganga here in Rishikesh. And right there, everything started. 


We a team of four professional hoteliers came together while working at Ananda in The Himalayas, Rishikesh/ Narendra Nagar. We have always been passionate about ‘making moments’, recognizing that small gestures make a big difference to our guests. We have always done things in an extraordinary way – a philosophy that has defined our brand’s success from the very start and since then our approach to extraordinary service is having a warm, intuitive, personal and unique 60’s style of hospitality that matches the expectations of our guests. 


We also embrace innovation to meet ever-changing guest needs and continue to celebrate our rich culinary legacy, setting trends but never compromising on quality and authenticity. We take a sustainable and responsible approach, caring for local communities and protecting the environment in the destinations where we operate. Our core theme has always been to provide a world class dining experience with safe, hygienic, centrally located and affordable accommodation wherein travelers can come together and share their stories while having a good time.

At 60’s, we are each personally responsible for creating rich and meaningful experiences. What our guests speak about most is that singular experience of being truly seen, heard and understood. The astonishing effect one feels from an act, a gesture, a word; that is heartfelt.

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